Services House of Mercy Encompasses

We welcome people who are in need of temporary housing in a clean and secure environment, which allows people to rebuild their lives in a loving atmosphere.

Since we are a faith-based non-profit organization with the purpose of helping people from all walks of life, we need your support to accomplish our mission. You may partner with us in many ways: volunteer, in-kind and monetary donations.

We further support our community by allowing non-residents access to some of programs, classes, and services. Call 940.564.3339 for additional information.


The current service area is Olney, TX. and surrounding areas

House of Mercy is a Christ-centered nonprofit organization operating as a temporary residential facility which operates as a conduit between society and disadvantaged individuals who are impacted by homelessness, abuse, and poverty. One of the main programming goals entails assistance with gainful employment of all residents.


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In-Take Application

If you or someone you know is looking for a temporary housing facility, please click the Download Application form to the right. You may send the form in one of the following ways:

House of Mercy Enterprises (H.O.M.E.)
1302 W. Payne Street
Olney, TX 76374


You may drop off the application to our facility at 1302 W. Payne St., Olney, TX.
For additional information, please call 940.564.3339.

Contact Us

Our staff is waiting to hear from you. You may contact us by calling 940.564.3339 or you may complete the contact form below.