The programs offered at the House of Mercy entails a highly structured Biblical foundation that is available to the in-house residents in addition to the entire community. Our programs are designed to allow people to receive training in a myriad of areas that lead to growth and productivity within our community.

Educational and Job Training Program Overview

Our educational and Job Training Program comprises three phases before moving to the fourth and final phase, which is the paid internship program. All participants are required to spend a minimum of one hour per day, five days a week learning the foundational principles. All participants must complete ten hours before moving to the next phase. Each phase contains coursework entailing faith, belief therapy, Christian life, Discipleship, life skills, and work therapy. All participants are required to complete 300 hours of biblical instruction before moving to phase 2.


Phase I

Foundations of Faith

Phase II

Christian Growth

Phase III

Christian Development

Phase IV


Along with classes helping adults obtain a GED and classes of home economics and financial help.

We provide a plethora of self-help classes such as GED preparation, Professionalism in the Workplace, Life Skills, Financial Literacy, Credit Repair, and home ownership. Our curricula is tailored to individuals who want to make a positive change. Our goal is to empower program participants to fight the pervasive influence of homelessness, poverty, and abuse. We equip residents and participants to make life-changing decisions that allow them to rise up and become productive members of the community.

House of Mercy

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You may drop off the application to our facility at 1302 W. Payne St., Olney, TX.
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